Aqua Metrology Systems


SafeGuard™ H2O Intelligent Water Treatment System

The SafeGuard™ H2O system offers a low-cost, reliable remediation system proven to address a range of trace metal contaminants, including hexavalent chromium, lead, ionic mercury, and selenium.

This innovative in-situ stannous (Sn2+) generator harnesses the power of tin, a highly effective chemical reagent. Tin, which is generally considered non-toxic, is an attractive reagent for trace metal remediation because of its reductive power.

Before SafeGuard H2O, there was no method for delivering a controlled dose of stannous reagent (Sn2+) to water treatment applications.

The operation principle of the SafeGuard H2O system is based on a proprietary approach that generates on demand a stannous ion reagent in-situ via an electrolytic process. This reagent poses no environmental and health risks. Generating a stannous reagent onsite is a far more cost-effective treatment solution compared to traditional alternatives because tin and electricity are the only consumables with this novel approach.

Chromium Remediation

2CrO₄²⁻ + 3HSnO₂⁻ + 5H₂O = 2CrO₃³⁻ + 3Sn(OH)₆²⁻

  • Removal of Cr(VI) to < 2ppb
  • 50% the cost of traditional systems
  • Autonomous for 90 days

Lead Remediation

  • Lead corrosion inhibition
  • Displaces orthophosphates that generate algae blooms
  • Biocide removing and preventing biofilm
  • Localized to need (home, residential; zone)

Mercury Remediation

Hg²⁺ + Sn²⁺ = Hg⁰ + Sn⁴⁻

  • Removal of mercury from coal utility waste to < 1ppb
  • Selective
  • Recovers mercury
  • No toxic waste

Selenium Remediation

SeO₃²⁻ + 2Sn² + ≥ Se⁰ + 2SnO₂

  • Removal of selenite from coal waste pond to < 1 ppb
  • Selective
  • Recovers selenium
  • No toxic waste