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AZ Water Conference 2022

Join AMS at the AZ Water Conference in Phoenix, AZ from April 12-14, 2002. AMS will be showcasing their technology platform of advanced solutions that help utilities to analyze and treat trace metal and inorganic contaminants such as As, Cr(VI), Cu, Fe, H2S, Hg, P, Pb, Mn, THMs, Se and more. Visit Booth #925 to learn more.

IWC 2021

Join AMS at the IWC 2021 in Scottsdale, AZ (7-11 November 2021) to learn more about SafeGuard™ H2O, a novel in-situ stannous generator technology that harnesses the power of tin, a highly effective chemical reagent, for the remediation of trace metal contaminants. Vladimir Dozortsev Ph.D., Senior Product Manager at AMS will present results from a full-scale pilot demonstration of the SafeGuard H2O technology to continuously reduce Cr(VI) to below 2 ppb at a community in the Central Valley of California.

WQTC 2021

At the WQTC 2021 in Tacoma, WA (7-11 November 2021) AMS will showcase SafeGuard™ H2O, a novel in-situ electro-generated stannous reagent approach coupled with enhanced monitoring capability, that has been developed to harnesses the power of tin and provide facilities with a highly efficient and competitive technology for the removal of copper, hydrogen sulfide, hexavalent chromium, iron, lead, manganese, and mercury. Visit us at Booth #313.