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IWC 2021

Join AMS at the IWC 2021 in Scottsdale, AZ (7-11 November 2021) to learn more about SafeGuard™ H2O, a novel in-situ stannous generator technology that harnesses the power of tin, a highly effective chemical reagent, for the remediation of trace metal contaminants. Vladimir Dozortsev Ph.D., Senior Product Manager at AMS will present results from a full-scale pilot demonstration of the SafeGuard H2O technology to continuously reduce Cr(VI) to below 2 ppb at a community in the Central Valley of California.

WQTC 2021

At the WQTC 2021 in Tacoma, WA (7-11 November 2021) AMS will showcase SafeGuard™ H2O, a novel in-situ electro-generated stannous reagent approach coupled with enhanced monitoring capability, that has been developed to harnesses the power of tin and provide facilities with a highly efficient and competitive technology for the removal of copper, hydrogen sulfide, hexavalent chromium, iron, lead, manganese, and mercury. Visit us at Booth #313.