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AMS Technical Overview

Rick Bacon, CEO of AMS, provides an overview of the company’s technology portfolio featuring real-time, online water quality monitoring and innovative water remediation solutions.

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AMS Brings a Proven and Affordable Hexavalent Chromium Treatment Solution to California’s Food Processing Industry

The state of California has a long history managing Cr(VI) in its drinking water and has been working to reestablish a standard by reevaluating the health information, as well as technologies that can provide effective treatment at lower costs. To address the lack of an effective and economically viable treatment solution for big cities, small communities, and industries, AMS has developed a low-cost Cr(VI) remediation system that removes this carcinogen to non-detectable levels at a fraction of the cost of traditional treatment systems.

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AMS Talks: Innovations in Arsenic Removal Treatment Technologies

In this episode of AMS Talks, Rick Bacon, CEO of AMS, discusses innovations in arsenic removal treatment technologies and why it might be time to implement a more stringent federal standard for this carcinogenic contaminant than the 10 ppb limit set by the EPA in 2001.

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AMS Talks: Technology Options for Wastewater Treatment in the Power Industry

Watch the latest episode of AMS Talks featuring Rick Bacon, CEO of AMS, who discusses the technology options available for wastewater treatment in the power industry and how new technology innovations ensure that utilities will no longer have to choose between compliance and affordability.

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Aqua Metrology Systems Participates in the 2020 Innovation Showcase at BlueTech Forum: Connect

AMS took part in the June 4, 2020 Virtual Innovation Showcase at the BlueTech Forum: Connect. Rick Bacon, CEO of AMS delivered one of the 11 presentations featured at the forum’s Innovation Showcase. Bacon discussed how the online AMS THM Formation Potential analyzer — THM-100-FP™ — provides utilities and industries with real-time accurate and reliable water quality data that enable them to better manage treatment processes 24/7.

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AMS Showcases THM-100-FP™ Online Analyzer at BlueTech Forum’s Virtual Innovation Showcase

Rick Bacon, CEO of AMS, discusses the company’s participation in the 2020 BlueTech Forum on June 4. AMS is one of 11 companies taking part in the Virtual Innovation Showcase with a presentation about its THM-100-FP™ online analyzer, which offers utilities and industries novel real-time online analytical solutions to better manage their water treatment processes.
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A ‘Canary in the Mine’: Advocating for Real-Time Monitoring Solutions to Detect Lead in Drinking Water

Lead contamination in drinking water presents a serious threat to human health. While utilities monitor for lead by sampling infrequently only a small number of domestic points of use, these traditional lead monitoring programs lack the ability to measure the presence of all forms of lead; capture unpredictable changes in water quality that result in lead corrosion; and report the contamination risk before the water is delivered to the customer. MetalGuard™ Lead Alert!™ from AMS is designed to offer communities real-time, continuous and dynamic water quality assessment of the presence of total lead in buildings or zones exposed to events that are the cause of acute lead contamination to reduce the risk of exposure.

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AMS Talks: The True Cost of Hexavalent Chromium Treatment

Watch the latest episode of AMS Talks featuring Rick Bacon, CEO of AMS, who discusses the true cost of hexavalent chromium remediation and how new technology innovations ensure that utilities will no longer have to choose between compliance and affordability.
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AMS Harnesses the Power of Tin to Address a Broad Range of Waterborne and Airborne Contaminants

AMS, the pioneer of the in-situ stannous generation system, has significantly widened the application of this highly effective non-toxic metal to address a broad range of waterborne and airborne contaminants that threaten the health of people and their environment. SafeGuard™ H2O will enable the cost-effective treatment of drinking and industrial effluent that is contaminated with trace metals and capture airborne contaminants such as nitrogen oxides, hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide.

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Online THM Analysis Enables THM Control at the R.E. Badger Filtration Plant

The R.E. Badger Filtration Plant turned to AMS’s online THM analyzer, THM-100™, to obtain continuous and real-time data to characterize THMs in the distribution system and allow it to have an early indication of potential THM formation problems before they become a compliance issue.

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