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PAX Water Technologies Unveils In-Tank Aeration Install at San Jose Water Company

Richmond-based PAX Water Technologies and Sunnyvale-based Aqua Metrology Systems today unveiled the installation of an innovative in-tank aeration system at San Jose Water Company. The system, installed by Utility Service Group, is being deployed in a 12 million-gallon water storage tank to maintain high water quality during the drought.


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Effective THM Monitoring for Stage 2 DBPR Compliance in Benicia, California

The integration of the online THM analyzer at Benicia WTP has become an essential element to avert regulatory breaches and deliver treated water of the highest quality to the city of Benicia. Read a version of this case study published in Water & Wastes Digest.

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Stage 2 DBPR: Understanding, Managing THM Formation is Key for Compliance in Consecutive Systems

The buying and selling of treated water is common practice in the United States. Consecutive systems (CS) — public water systems that buy or receive some or all of their finished water from one or more wholesale systems (WS) — are responsible for serving nearly one-third of the water customers in the U.S… read the rest of the article by Rick Bacon the CEO of AMS.

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Northern Kentucky Water District to Incorporate an Online THM Analyzer Into Stage 2 DBPR Compliance Strategy

The Northern Kentucky Water District has purchased the online THM-100THM analyzer from Aqua Metrology Systems to monitor daily THM levels in their distribution network and further enable optimization of treatment processes used to minimize the formation of THMs in treated water.


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AMS Introduces an Online THM Analyzer to Accommodate Multiple Sampling Points With Single Instrument

Monitoring real-time THM levels across multiple sampling points within a drinking water system using a single instrument is now possible with the THM-100GS™ analyzer from Aqua Metrology Systems. The THM-100GS is a new version of the standard online THM-100 system. The new analyzer enables a utility to carry out automated analysis of manually collected “grab samples” across their network.


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The Value of Instrumentation In The Water Industry

As long as instrumentation is selected, installed, commissioned, and maintained properly the data that it can give is invaluable to the water industry. However, there are a number of barriers in the way… read the rest of the article and a response from Rick Bacon the CEO of AMS.

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Birmingham Water Works Board Incorporates Online THM Analyzer

The largest water system in Alabama, has purchased an online THM-100™ THM analyzer from Aqua Metrology Systems to monitor daily THM levels at their Shades Mountain Filter Plant.

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Online THM monitoring helps achieve DBP compliance

A THM-100 analyzer was installed to monitor the THM levels of the incoming water from the Middlesex Water Co. as well as the THM levels of the water leaving the tank.


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An Evaluation of the Accuracy of On-line THM Monitoring

This study shows that the proactive performance of AMS’s on-line THM-100 monitor is as accurate and precise as offline commercial laboratories. Allowing utilities to take immediate action to optimize the treatment process…

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