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AMS Introduces MetalGuard™ Lead Alert!™ Lead Corrosion Risk Management System

AMS introduces MetalGuard™ Lead Alert!™ — a novel automated and unattended real-time lead corrosion risk management system for monitoring the risk of exposure to lead contamination. MetalGuard Lead Alert! is specifically designed to address lead contamination concerns by providing high frequency, timely and accurate predictive data on dissolved and total lead in water samples to alert utilities and consumers of an increased risk of lead contamination, before lead contamination occurs and impacts consumers and their health.

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SafeGuard™ is an automated lead analyzer for monitoring exposure to lead contamination from lead pipes, solder and brass fittings. It is designed to be used independently or in conjunction with MetalGuard™ Lead Alert! ™ when this warns of an increase in contamination risk.

The benefits of using this novel analyzer include the rapid analysis of the safety of drinking water in homes, schools, day-cares exposed to the risk of lead contamination, delivery of results in minutes to identify contamination sites far faster than laboratory-based analysis, accurate measurement of total lead, a feature not available with hand-held analyzers and rapid delivery of results ensures quarantined sites can be released more quickly after lead remediation.

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TRUMPF Optimizes Ion Exchange System With Reliable and Continuous Data From Real-Time Arsenic Analyzer

Faced with high IEX process waste disposal costs, TRUMPF, a manufacturer of laser diodes made from Gallium Arsenide substrates (GaAs) wafers, undertook efforts to optimize the IEX process and produce less hazardous waste. One of the process improvements included the installation of the MetalGuard Arsenic online arsenic analyzer to continuously measure influent and effluent arsenic levels in real-time, providing TRUMPF with a stream of accurate and reliable arsenic data to measure the performance of its IEX system and ensure regulatory compliance. Timely and accurate arsenic results enabled TRUMPF to optimize rinse water reuse as well as to optimize and reduce IEX backwash frequencies, increasing media performance and reducing hazardous waste generation. These process improvements have resulted in an estimated annual cost savings of $100K for the facility.

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Aqua Metrology Systems Rick Bacon & Divya Inna Talk at WEFTEC19

BlueTech Research’s Divya Inna speaks with Rick Bacon, CEO of AMS, about the company’s real-time water quality monitoring and intelligent water treatment solutions showcased at the Innovations Pavilion at WEFTEC 2019.

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Aqua Metrology Systems Rick Bacon on Croc Tank at WEFTEC19

Rick Bacon, CEO of AMS, participates in CROC Tank, organized by BlueTech Research at WEFTEC 2019. Bacon discusses AMS’ THM-100™ online analyzer and its capability to provide water treatment plants high-density THM and THM formation potential data to optimize their processes and manage disinfection byproducts effectively.

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Elevator Pitch | WEFTEC 2019 | Innovation Showcase Exhibitors

Rick Bacon, CEO of AMS, discusses AMS’ real-time water quality monitoring and intelligent water treatment solutions with Water & Wastes Digest’s editor Bob Crossen, who asked exhibitors at the WEFTEC19 Innovation Showcase for a 60 second spiel about their companies and products, and this is the result.

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Aqua Metrology’s Rick Bacon Speaks at the BlueTech Breakfast WEFTEC19

At the BlueTech Research breakfast at WEFTEC 2019, Rick Bacon, CEO of AMS, discusses why DBPs remain a significant water quality concern for water treatment plants that lack real-time accurate and reliable data in order to make timely and accurate decisions. With AMS’ THM-100™ online analyzer, treatment plants can gain access to high-density THM and THM formation potential data to optimize their processes and ensure public health.

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Pre-WEFTEC 2019 Highlights

  • Looking for an effective Cr(VI) treatment?
  • Concerned about lead or copper contamination in drinking water?
  • Interested in the recovery of Selenium or Mercury from wastewater?
  • Concerned about corrosion in cooling systems?

Rick Bacon, CEO of AMS, invites WEFTEC 2019 attendees to stop by the AMS booth at the Innovation Pavilion to learn about the company’s SafeGuard H2O™ intelligent water treatment systems, as well as AMS’ online THM analyzer and its powerful capability to predict the presence of THMs in water.

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AMS Radio: WEFTEC 2019 Showcase

Listen to the latest podcast from AMS Radio featuring Rick Bacon, CEO of AMS, who discusses the innovative real-time water quality monitoring and intelligent water treatment system solutions featured at WEFTEC 2019.

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AMS Dedicated to Reducing Drinking Water Lead Contamination Risks

Recent drinking water lead contamination crises in Flint, Mich., and Newark, N.J. are raising concerns about the ability of traditional lead monitoring programs to measure the presence of all forms of lead; capture unpredictable changes in water quality that result in lead corrosion; and report the contamination risk before the water is delivered to the customer. AMS is dedicated to the development and commercialization of the company’s solutions for reducing the risk of lead contamination by providing water systems and communities real-time lead monitoring solutions to protect public health.

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