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AMS Talks: The True Cost of Hexavalent Chromium Treatment

Watch the latest episode of AMS Talks featuring Rick Bacon, CEO of AMS, who discusses the true cost of hexavalent chromium remediation and how new technology innovations ensure that utilities will no longer have to choose between compliance and affordability.
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AMS Talks: SafeGuard H2O Cr(VI) Remediation System Piloted at City of Los Banos, California

Watch the latest episode of AMS Talks featuring Rick Bacon, CEO of AMS, who discusses AMS’ pilot demonstration of its SafeGuard™ H2O Hexavalent Chromium [Cr (VI)] remediation system at the City of Los Banos, Calif. The goal of the pilot is to demonstrate how SafeGuard H2O can effectively and affordably treat Cr(VI) down to non-detect levels and how the system can be fully controlled, monitored and optimized remotely without the presence of personnel on site.

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SafeGuard™ H2O – An Inside Look

AMS’ SafeGuard™ H2O, an innovative in-situ stannous (Sn2+) generator, harnesses the power of tin to address trace metal contaminants, such as hexavalent chromium and more. Traditional treatment systems are expensive and associated with high capital and operating costs. SafeGuard H2O is the first truly intelligent trace metal remediation system that demonstrates how innovation can reduce the costs of drinking and wastewater treatment, support tighter regulatory standards for contaminants of concern and widen access to safe drinking water for all.

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Accurate, Affordable and Effective Chromium Treatment

Traditional chromium remediation systems are expensive and have high operating costs. SafeGuard H2O, the first truly intelligent chromium remediation system was specifically developed to help drive down the costs of treatment. The technology also features an online analyzer to control and monitor system performance, in real time, by providing a high density of actual data on influent and effluent chromium levels. This video highlights this new accurate, affordable and effective chromium treatment technology.


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