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City of Alamosa Evaluates In-Situ Electrogenerated Generated Ferrous Reagent to Replace Bulk Ferric and Support Arsenic Removal

While the EPA is reviewing its MCL recommendations for arsenic, utilities are preparing for the possibility of a more stringent federal standard by evaluating the efficacy of their existing arsenic removal treatment systems. Concerned with having to increase their reliance on bulk chemicals to meet a lower arsenic MCL and the associated inherent concerns, the City of Alamosa evaluated the SafeGuard™ H2O technology that generates a ferrous reagent in-situ. The technology shows great promise for utilities looking to remove As to low levels and eliminate reliance on hazardous bulk chemicals. Through bench-scale testing and a technology demonstration of this novel system, the City of Alamosa has shown it can achieve arsenic removal below 5 ppb with a ferrous dose of 6.5-8 mg/L.

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