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AMS CEO Rick Bacon, Ph.D., and Senior Product Manager Vladimir Dozortsev, Ph.D., discuss the SafeGuard™ H2O in-situ reagent generation technology, which is designed to effectively and economically treat a wide range of contaminants found in drinking water and wastewater, including phosphate. The technology’s proprietary treatment approach is based on well-studied and long known laws of electrolysis to produce a reagent in-situ on demand. SafeGuard™ H2O offers facilities an affordable, non-hazardous and environmentally sustainable solution to address trace metal and inorganic contaminants. This novel in-situ process eliminates the need for facilities to store and use hazardous bulk chemicals that support a range of water and wastewater treatment processes and have a significant carbon footprint. The fully autonomous system can be controlled, monitored and optimized remotely, minimizing the presence of personnel on site and further reducing operating costs compared with traditional bulk chemical treatment systems. Watch now to learn more about the SafeGuard™ H2O in-situ reagent generation process and its operational advantages over bulk chemical and electrocoagulation treatment approaches.