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Predict future THM levels in the present

The online THM analyzer, THM-100™, turns your THM remediation process into an intelligent water treatment system! THM-100 delivers accurate and reliable, time-sensitive, real-time levels of THM formation potential and THM predicted network data for raw water sources and treated waste and drinking water.

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Real-Time THM Data


Intelligent Water Treatment Systems

Inorganic and trace metal contaminants have met their match with the SafeGuard™ H2O advanced intelligent water treatment system! This economical, reliable and proven remediation approach removes a wide range of contaminants to below non-detect in water, wastewater, and industrial applications. The system incorporates proprietary continuous, real-time monitoring of contaminant levels and can be fully controlled, monitored and optimized remotely.

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Lessons learned in 2021 and Outlook for 2022.

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Intelligent Selenium Analyzer

The first fully automated, intelligent online selenium analyzer for monitoring industrial wastewater discharges. MetalGuard™ Selenium is unique in its ability to provide high frequency real-time and accurate data in less than two hours with sensitivity down to 1 ppb for inorganic/organic selenium. Turn your selenium remediation process into an intelligent water treatment system with the online selenium analyzer MetalGuard Selenium.


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