Aqua Metrology Systems


Breaking News!

Aqua Metrology Systems is proud to announce the exclusive distribution of Trace Detect's metal detection analysis units. Including ArsenicGuard, the first fully automated online arsenic analyzer.

Operational Agility

A responsive organisation is a successful organisation. Aqua Metrology Systems helps you streamline your water treatment plant operations, ensuring quality, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs. Read More

Environmental Responsibility

As demand for potable water increases, so too does its environmental impact. The THM-100 eliminates unnecessary chemical and energy consumption, ensuring your plant is greener than ever.

Visible Results

The THM-100 from Aqua Metrology Solutions is generating real industry support. Unit installations in Europe, Asia and the United States are already proving the value of working with AMS.

AMS: A leader in real-time water metrology

Aqua Metrology Systems specialize in streamlining the processes involved during the treatment and production of drinking water.

We are pleased to announce the full launch of the THM-100 – designed to optimize the monitoring of chlorination disinfection by-products, the THM-100’s patented processes deliver hourly trihalomethane level reports, ensuring you:

  • React quickly to fluctuating THM levels
  • Minimize excessive treatment
  • Reduce unnecessary costs
  • Enhance environmental credentials

Learn more about the THM-100, and how AMS is already helping drinking water treatment plants around the world cut costs and deliver real operational efficiency.