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Online THM Formation Potential Analyzer

The THM-100-FP™ is the only online analyzer to implement an accelerated THM Formation Potential (THM-FP) process to develop real-time predictions of future THM levels in the distribution network.

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Real-Time THM Data

Real-Time Chromium-6 Data

Online Chromium Analyzer

MetalGuard™ Chromium is the first fully automated, online multi-stream chromium-6 analyzer for monitoring drinking water. The analyzer provides high frequency real-time data on chromium contaminant levels in thirty minutes with sensitivity down to 1 ppb or ± 15%; whichever is higher for chromium-6 and total chromium.

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Resource Center

Whether you’re looking for case studies of real-time water quality monitors driving smart decisions, the latest news, or a specific product brochure – the AMS Resource Center can help.

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Trials Available

Interested in the benefits of real time online water quality data? Start your online THM or Trace Metals analyzer trial today.

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Exceptional Service

Every instrument comes standard with a supporting service contract inclusive of a 5-year warranty, account management, preventative and safety maintenance.

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Portable Arsenic Analyzer

SafeGuard™ Explorer™ is a lightweight and portable arsenic analyzer offering accurate and reliable detection of arsenic anytime and anywhere.

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Online Selenium Analyzer

MetalGuard™ Selenium is the first fully automated, online selenium analyzer for monitoring industrial wastewater discharges. The analyzer is unique in its ability to provide high frequency real-time and accurate data in less than two hours with sensitivity down to 1 ppb or ± 15%; whichever is higher for inorganic/organic selenium.


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Real-Time Water Quality Data Drives Smart Decisions

We believe real-time water quality analysis is essential to environmental protection.

Our water quality instruments provide accurate and reliable data on disinfection by-products (THMs) and trace metals through continuous online monitoring.

Baseline Data

Extensive data stream enables cost-effective remediation process design

Pilot Data

Simulate impact of operational changes to contaminant levels

Vendor Validation

Real-time data allows rapid assessment and validation of remediation process

Process Optimization

Rapidly identify changes in contaminant levels enabling immediate and cost-effective process changes

Risk Management

Capture non-compliance risk, enable timely action, ensure regulatory and contract compliance

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